Hoffenheim welcomes Olympique Lyonnais in a match from Group F

Hoffenheim welcomes Olympique Lyonnais in a match from Group F of the Champions League. We are about to take a look at this clash in our winning soccer predictions for the day.

Hoffenheim are not in the best possible situation in this group. The German team is currently 4th in the group with just one point won so far. Hoffe started their campaign with a 2-2 draw against Shakhtar in Kharkiv, but this draw was followed by a 1-2 home loss against Manchester City in the second round.

The Germans probably feel that they could have taken more from this game. Ishak Belfodil opened the score for Hoffenheim in the 1st minute of the game, but City managed to win the game after goals from Kun Aguero and David Silva. It was really dissapointing for Hoffenheim, because Silva’s winner came just three minutes before the end of the game.

This put Hoffenheim in a difficult situation. They don’t have any other choice, but to look for the win against Olympique Lyonnais. They must use this opportunity to play at home, because in the Champions League it’s pretty important.

Olympique Lyonnais kicked off their Champions League campaign with a bang, beating Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. But this terrific win was followed by a kind of dissapointing 2-2 draw against Shakthar Donetsk at home. We are not trying to say that Shakhtar are a bad team, but when you’ve beat Man City in the previous game, you are increasing everyone’s expectations.

This is our look at the Champions League clash between Hoffenheim and Olympique Lyonnais from Group F. Hoffenheim will try to use their home advantage, but against Manchester City Olympique Lyonnais showed how dangerous they can be away from home. This promises to be a very interesting game, we can conclude in our winning soccer predictions.